Theilgaard Mortensen

Theilgaard Mortensen


TM Commerce

Theilgaard Mortensen (TM) has since 1999 offered IT solutions and consultancy to various Nordic companies within different fields.

In today’s world, companies are figuring out the benefits of putting their customers in focus and concentrate on their needs and wants. This is done by analyzing the online- and buying behavior of the customers.

Smarter Commerce – The Customer is in Focus

TM’s B2C e-commerce solution is an intelligent and user-friendly e-commerce solution. This solution meets the consumers’ needs and expectations to be able to shop whenever, wherever and via all channels (web, mobile, tablet). Furthermore, it analyses the online behavior as well as the buying behavior of your customers giving you the opportunity to customize the content of you website towards an individual customer.

TM’s B2B e-commerce solution gives you the opportunity to easily handle large transactions and your customers can purchase large amount of products with only few clicks. At the same time you and your clients can monitor what is purchased and for what departments within the company, that gives you the opportunity to offer your clients special offers when e.g. placing large orders.


·         Sell your products through different channels on the same e-commerce platform

·         Branding of both your company as well as the products online

·         Customize product displays and offers towards the individual user

·         Associate on or more products with a product category with regards to what is relevant for each customer segment

·         Gain transparency and agility in internal business processes when integrating other IT systems