Content matters

Content matters.

Content matters. So do the tools you choose.

From branding to commerce to customer service, you know how important content is — but how do you get it right? Which content management system is best? How do you avoid paying for functionality you won't use? Can your content platform adapt quickly if your business needs change? Do you need a custom solution to be more competitive? Or the ability to get to market quickly and then iterate? Sometimes it feels easier not to act at all. Yet every day without action is a day you fall behind. New technologies promise innovative solutions, but which ones deliver real business value? With so many challenges, you need a partner who can provide clear answers to the biggest questions.

Manage content for multiple brands and regions

What's the best way to manage content for multiple brands and regions?

  1. Establish a centralized system that allows you to manage assets efficiently from a single UI and compare different site content at a glance.
  2. Leverage a flexible publishing tool that allows local teams to customize all aspects of their digital properties including content, structure, templates, and metadata.
  3. Implement advanced workflows that can easily integrate translated content and accommodate ad hoc cross-team collaboration.
Boost mobile commerce

How do I boost mobile commerce?

  1. Ensure that your assets are stored and managed separately from your presentation layouts, so content can be dynamically reused and repurposed across different channels.
  2. Leverage responsive templates and adaptive technologies so that content looks great and performs optimally on any device.
  3. Understand that reusable content and templates provide the foundation for true omnichannel commerce — so you'll be ready for new opportunities.
Consistently deliver the right customer experience

Can I deliver the right customer experience consistently?

  1. Base your solution on an open architecture so you can access content stored across all major enterprise-level systems — including eCommerce, CRM, DAM, and more.
  2. Create a content hub with a single UI so your team can build creative and inspirational content for every stage in the customer journey, from awareness to advocacy.
  3. Optimize the experience, so the customer journey is always improving through personalization and contextualization.
Optimize the B2B experience

Is there a better way to optimize the B2B experience?

  1. Save costs and improve efficiency by migrating existing offline purchasing systems to an entirely eCommerce driven process.
  2. Integrate separate brand and eCommerce sites (B2B or B2C) into a unified multi-channel experience that seamlessly combines content and commerce.
  3. Incorporate contract-based personalization so the right content — branding, pricing, compliance information, etc. — is always shown to the right customer.
Integrate AI

What about AI?

  1. Seek to integrate new technologies that can improve the user experience in real time, such as AI-powered content tagging and product recommendations based on Big Data.
  2. Leverage cognitive technology to provide intuitively relevant experiences for those consumers more likely to convert.
  3. Optimize your company's operations across the board with machine learning to enable better decisions about products and markets.
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