Why CoreMedia

Real-world experience, technology leadership, credible partners — your key to success.

Why CoreMedia

Effectively execute your online strategies with CoreMedia and engage your audience, build customer loyalty and drive greater revenue and profitability.

Track-record in many industries, across the world

With CoreMedia, you have access to over 15 years of experience and unique expertise in different industries, from media and entertainment to financial services and manufacturing.

Focused on creating business value

We don’t just push content to the Web, we partner with our clients to create content management and delivery platforms that truly address their needs and objectives. Platforms that deliver real and measurable business value.

Business innovation enabler

The philosophy behind CoreMedia’s approach is that the Web is young, and much is yet to come. All our implementations are designed to enable business innovation. We manage the technology, so our clients can focus on tomorrow’s business models.

Prestigious customer base, 97% retention rate

CoreMedia has among its client base some of the most prestigious Fortune 1,000 companies across the world, and we have an impressive 97% client retention rate. Our clients are our business partners - sharing in our success and shaping the future with us.

Recognized technology leadership

CoreMedia is recognized in the industry for its solid technology platform, open standards, reliability and performance. Our growth has been organic, ensuring a consistent user experience, an uncompromising level of integration and a quality code base that hasn't been compromised through acquisitions and mergers.

Partner ecosystem

Over 500 partners worldwide complement the strength of our technology with their extensive project and domain expertise. New projects can be started, managed and deployed with confidence. Our partners also provide valuable input into ongoing development of our products.