dm optimizes its online experience with CoreMedia 7

The drugstore retailer improves its user experience and online dialogue with Web Content Management system from CoreMedia


Hamburg, August 14, 2014­–Drugstore retailer dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co KG ( relies on the CoreMedia 7 Web Content Management (WCM) to optimize its online presence. All content — editorial articles, games, competitions, testing and even product information — is managed and delivered by the respective departments via the central platform. With CoreMedia 7, dm is able to provide context-sensitive online content to its customers, providing them with a consistent experience across all channels.

“We’ve worked with CoreMedia for many years now and we’re very happy that the solution has always evolved in line with our needs,” says Roman Melcher, dm managing director, information technology. “On our website our customers must find the information that they’re looking for and the information that is relevant for them. We make every effort to provide content that is appropriate to our target groups. Without a good content management system that would be a painstaking and time-consuming job.Thanks to CoreMedia, we are confident that we can provide good service to our customers not only offline, but online as well.”

The CoreMedia Elastic Social solution, fully incorporated into CoreMedia 7, extends the WCM by adding social media such as comments, ratings, uploading of images and much more. It can be scaled quickly to meet sharp increases in social activity.The new solution also places greater focus on the user experience.

“A study conducted this year by ECC Cologne confirms that retail success depends to a very large degree on the user experience. As a result, customer experience is increasing in importance, not only for retail stores but also online. The customer wants to be well informed everywhere and at all times; it doesn’t matter to the customer whether it’s online or offline,” explains CoreMedia CEO, Gerrit Kolb. “The main challenge — and not only for retail — is to present a consistent user experience on all channels. dm has a successful record in doing just that and we’re proud that we’ve been able to support them in this regard for more than 10 years.”

dm’s website content is decentralized with each brand and product group independently responsible for its brand presence. Thanks to CoreMedia 7, employees from different departments can pursue their respective goals while ensuring a consistent external image. The dm teams benefit from the drag-and-drop and search functionality, which reduces their workload and supports decentralized collaboration. CoreMedia 7 also makes it possible to automatically adapt the website for mobile devices.The system has received a high level of acceptance among users. The technical implementation was performed by FILIADATA, the IT subsidiary of dm.

About CoreMedia:

CoreMedia is a leading provider of web content management (WCM) software for companies whose online experiences should be targeted to the respective context of their customers, regardless of the channel or touchpoint being used. CoreMedia CMS Suite creates unparalleled added value for companies by seamlessly integrating digital and social media content that enhances editorial productivity, and also improves the time to market under the most challenging of conditions.As a result, companies are able to better align their online strategies to the user, thereby increasing customer loyalty and ultimately boosting sales and efficiency.

CoreMedia was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Hamburg.The company has offices in San Francisco, Washington, London and Singapore.The list of CoreMedia customers includes international organizations, such as the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), Bertelsmann, BILD, CLAAS, Continental, EPCOS, Deutsche Telekom, Internet Broadcasting, JD Group, Tchibo, Telefónica Deutschland and ZDF.

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