CoreMedia Releases Enhanced Digital Experience Platform for Today’s Mobile and Highly-Connected Consumers

CoreMedia 8 enables companies to create and deliver omni-channel digital experiences

About CoreMedia 8

HAMBURG and SAN FRANCISCO, March 19, 2015 - CoreMedia, a leading digital experience (DX) company, today announced CoreMedia 8, the latest release of its innovative, omni-channel digital experience platform. CoreMedia 8 is designed for companies to deliver differentiating online digital experiences that engage their customers across all channels and provide the foundation for a digital strategy that can create sustainable, profitable growth.

CoreMedia 8 empowers digital marketing and editorial teams to collaborate in real-time, create personalized online experiences that blend content from multiple internal and external sources, localize the experience for different regional markets, and deliver them across any digital channel or device.

The digital experiences people now have on their mobile phones, rich web applications, and conversations aided by social media are vital to a company’s growth and profitability. This represents an extraordinary opportunity for companies that know how to work effectively and leverage their internal external resources to deliver relevant omni-channel digital experiences. According to the Harvard Business Review, “Organizations able to skillfully manage the entire experience reap enormous rewards: enhanced customer satisfaction, reduced churn, increased revenue, and greater employee satisfaction. They also discover more effective ways to collaborate across functions and levels, a process that delivers gains throughout the company.1” 

“Online audiences crave engaging, relevant real-time experiences that forge a powerful connection between themselves, their friends, and the things they love. In order to build lasting bonds with their digital customers, companies need to unify these experiences and deliver genuine value at every stage of the customer journey,” said Glenn Conradt, VP of global marketing at CoreMedia. “Our customers are looking for more than a traditional web content management (WCM) system. They require an affordable, scalable and unified platform that ensures cross-departmental collaboration; editorial speed and accuracy; and delivers the real-time, omni-channel experiences that delight, inform, and inspire their customers. That is precisely what we’re delivering with CoreMedia 8.”

CoreMedia 8 provides an industry-leading DX platform to support a broad range of online objectives, including:

  • Seamless Omni-Channel Experiences: Engage customers more deeply with personalized and adaptive experiences that unite business processes and connect all digital touchpoints in the customer journey – from mobile devices and PCs to kiosks, social networks and digital display systems.
  • Usability First and Flexible Collaboration: Increase productivity and accelerate time to market with an intuitive design interface that enables digital professionals to create and collaborate in delivering visually engaging experiences – without involving IT.
  • Powerful Multi-site Publishing: Save costs, compete globally, and ensure consistent brand messaging with powerful multi-site and multi-language capabilities – including integration with advanced translation workflows.
  • Frictionless e-Commerce and Integrated Social Media: Seamlessly blend marketing content, social communities, and e-commerce capabilities to create unique hybrid experiences.
  • Flexible Deployment and Incremental Innovation: Grow-at-your-own pace and deploy in any environment with advanced cloud support, automated dev ops, and rapid development tools.

Companies that adopt CoreMedia 8 expect to realize a number of benefits including:

  • Expanded reach and increased traffic, visit time, and conversion rate
  • Integrated and consistent global campaigns
  • More engaged and satisfied customers
  • Improved competitive differentiation
  • Reduced risk and total cost of ownership
  • Better security and investment protection
  • Increased business user productivity and efficiency


CoreMedia 8 is available now, and is already in use by T-Systems Multimedia Solutions. For more information, visit 

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About CoreMedia

CoreMedia is a leading digital experience (DX) company that has been powering the online strategy of organizations across varied industries for more than 19 years. We partner with our customers to connect them with their audiences wherever they are by seamlessly integrating digital, e-Commerce and social media assets, accelerating time to market, and increasing the productivity of business users. Our solutions also help transform e-Commerce stores by infusing visually compelling and immersive content into the online customer experience, resulting in increased engagement, sales, and loyalty.

Established in 1996, CoreMedia is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with offices in San Francisco, Washington DC, London and Singapore. CoreMedia’s clients include global brands, such as Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), BILD, CLAAS, Continental, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel, Internet Broadcasting, Office Depot and Telefónica Germany.

1 “The Truth About Customer Experience”, by Alex Rawson, Ewan Duncan, and Conor Jones, Harvard Business review, September 2013 (