20-minute Coffee Break Webinar: How to Create Great Online Product Experiences

Efficiently Showcase Your Products to Engage, Inspire & Convert Visitors

Coffee Break Webinar

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How to Create Great Online
Product Experiences


Thursday, July 23, 2015 


Welcome to an online world where you can easily swap out default product catalog images, automatically add new images with metadata extraction, add product related videos, product reviews and collateral-like brochures.

With CoreMedia LiveContext, marketers and e-Commerce professionals can:

  • Automatically or manually associate multiple product assets with a product or variation on a product detail page.
  • Create a direct link between a product and other associated assets such as post-purchase documents, images and videos.
  • View all assets associated with a particular product and choose the ones to represent it on the Web store.
  • Manage and deliver all product-related content from a single UI without IT support or needing to write any code.

Provide your audience with a more complete view of your products that addresses their informational and inspirational needs leading to increased engagement, conversion and upsell. CoreMedia LiveContext provides you with the best of both worlds – real-time integration with your existing product catalog and the ability to simply augment and link those products to additional assets managed in the CoreMedia application.