Sören Stamer

Chief Executive Officer

Executive Profile

Sören Stamer Portrait

Sören Stamer is the Chief Executive Officer of CoreMedia. He is responsible for shaping the vision, culture and strategy of CoreMedia and driving execution.

Sören co-founded CoreMedia in 1996 and led the company for the first 13 years as CEO. During that time, he established CoreMedia as a market leader in both the web content and digital rights management markets. Sören has a passion for the fundamental change and disruptive force a massively networked society brings to the world, and as such he is recognized as a pioneering advocate for social media, Enterprise 2.0 and self-organizing organizations.

Prior to rejoining CoreMedia, Sören founded a start-up incubator, Yokudo, in San Francisco, and helped develop a nonprofit early childhood education resource center, The Collaboratory. He serves on the board of directors of The Lisbon Council in Brussels and Cow Hollow School in San Francisco. He co-edited the book “Enterprise 2.0 – The Art of Letting Go” and received the 2009 German Fairness Prize.

Sören earned a degree in Business Administration and Computer Science with the University of Hamburg. He is married and has four children.