CoreMedia Principal

Responsible for scoping and delivering projects.


Courses for IT architects and Project Managers who will utilize the open architecture of CoreMedia CMS for their software solutions.

CoreMedia Architecture

With it's modular architecture, CoreMedia CMS enables the creation of applications that satisfy the most stringent demands for availability and performance. With CoreMedia Architecture training, you will discover how you can solve typical task scenarios in your projects. You'll learn tried-and-tested architectural patterns, document type modeling concepts and best practices.

  • Familiarization with the typical architectural patterns involved in implementing a high-availability CoreMedia CMS
  • Identify CoreMedia document type modeling concepts and methods

  • Plan and implement document type models for CoreMedia projects

Price: 1.800 USD per person, 7.200 USD group rate (4-8 persons)

Duration: 2 days

Training Prerequisites: Fundamentals