CoreMedia Developer

Responsible for developing business logic and web applications

Training courses for CoreMedia developers: CoreMedia Developer Icon


CoreMedia Web Application Development (WAD)

The initial focus of CoreMedia Web Application Development training is introducing you to the fundamental development concepts. You then use this knowledge to develop a Web application of your own, based on the CoreMedia Content Application Engine (CAE). Exercises helps you to learn how to access content in the CoreMedia CMS, how to develop customer-specific application logic and how to use object-oriented templates to present content. The course will also familiarize you with the basic principles of CAE caching, which will enable you to optimize the performance of your Web application.

  • Developing a Web application based on the CoreMedia Content Application Engine

  • Implementing application logic based on the basis of a CoreMedia document model

  • Creating templates and specialized presentation formats for CoreMedia CMS content and application logic

  • Change underlying settings in order to increase performance for your Web application

  • Integrate content from third-party systems into CoreMedia CMS

Price: 2.700 USD per person, 10.200 USD group rate (4-8 persons)

Duration: 3 days

Training prerequisites: Fundamentals


CoreMedia Website Blueprint (BLU)

The CoreMedia Website Blueprint contains a set of preconfigured tools, templates, and features that can be deployed immediately —yet it is built on top of our flexible, highly customizable CMS platform to ensure that every solution is unique.

  • Understanding the concept of CoreMedia Blueprint

  • Learning all about the development workspace

  • Customizing CoreMedia Blueprint components

Price:900 USD per person, 3.600 USD group rate (4-8 persons)

Duration: 1 day

Training Prerequisites: Fundamentals, Web Application Development


CoreMedia Studio Customization (STU)

CoreMedia Studio is a web-based environment for business users. The CoreMedia Studio Customization Training gives you detailed informations of how to configure this environment to meet your organization’s reality. Learn  how to integrate it seamlessly and provide your users the most easy access to their day-to-day content.

  • Understand the Studio Technology Stack: Javascript/Actionscript, REST, Jangaroo EXML
  • Integrate predefined Studio components
  • Extend your Studio with custom-built components

Price: 1.800 USD per person bzw. 7.200 USD group rate  (4-8 persons)

Duration: 2 days

Training prerequisites: Fundamentals


CoreMedia Caching (CCH)

After a brief review of the CAE architecture and presentation of the "core.dining" WEb application from the preceding course (CoreMedia Delivery Developer track), the CoreMedia Caching course will guide you step-by-step to improving the training application performance. This will introduce you to the CAE's various caching strategies. In addition, the performance of the application will be measured both before and after each optimization step, and the most relevant performance bottleneck will be identified.

  • Specifying a cache configuration for your CAE application
  • Analyzing an existing cache configuration via performance measurement analysis and optimizing via targeted strategies

Price: 2.400 USD per person, 9.200 USD group rate (4-8 persons)

Duration: 2 days

Training Prerequisites: Fundamentals, Web Application Development