CoreMedia Administrator

Responsible for deploying and maintaining the infrastructure.


Courses dedicated to system operators and administrators who are responsible for successful and secure deployment and maintenance of CoreMedia CMS 6 infrastructure.

CoreMedia Deployment

Shows you how to install and configure all of the basic fundamental CoreMedia CMS components. After a short overview of the architecture as a whole, a detailed discussion of each component then follows, accompanied by practical exercises. Other topics covered include troubleshooting and operations.

  • Understand relevant technical interdependances for deployment of CoreMedia CMS
  • Install and configure central components of CoreMedia CMS
  • Identify and resolve possible malfunctions of system

Price: 1.300 EUR per person, 5.200 EUR group rate (4-8 persons)

Duration: 2 days

CoreMedia Operations

In this training course participants will get to know and apply methods and best practices concerning the operations of a CoreMedia installation. At the end of the course, you will receive a set of standard configuration files and scripts that can be used in your own system environment and allows you to reproduce all covered working steps.

  • Know how to integrate a CoreMedia installation within starting process of an operating system
  • Learn how to represent CoreMedia components and services in your monitoring
  • Understand how to configure CoreMedia logfiles efficiently for your use case and how to use them for troubleshooting
  • Agree an effective deployment process with developer and how to use it for recovery as well as updates of CoreMedia components
  • Learn how to react in case of emergency, to recover your system near time
  • Know how to provide high availability of your CoreMedia systems

Price: 1.300 EUR per person, 5.200 EUR group rate (4-8 persons)

Duration: 2 days