CoreMedia Fundamentals

Target audience: Everyone interested in CoreMedia CMS technology


The CoreMedia Fundamentals training course uses practical examples and exercises to introduce all of the CoreMedia CMS components. You receive a complete overview of the system and will be able to sketch out solution scenarios for projects. At the end of the course you will receive the CoreMedia Training Application with a temporary test license. This course forms the basics for all other CoreMedia training courses.


  • Recognize key CoreMedia CMS components and their basic underlying functionality

  • Practical use of the Editor and run-through of an editing process with the aid of a workflow

  • Appraise application scenarios for CoreMedia CMS


900 USD per person, 3.600 USD group rate (4-8 persons)

Training Schedule

Course Date Duration
CoreMedia Fundamentals Sep 12, 2017 1 day Register
CoreMedia Fundamentals Oct 10, 2017 1 day Register
CoreMedia Fundamentals Nov 7, 2017 1 day Register